About Us

NWRI is a business designed to help people re-connect together with the attractiveness and energy of the natural world. Our underlying philosophy, supported by scientific study, is that sustaining a profound relationship with nature is essential for human health and well-being.

Research has indicated that time spent mindfully engaging in character is extremely effective for increasing endurance, decreasing anxiety, fostering creativity, and enhancing memory and cognitive functioning. Contact with the natural universe has additionally been demonstrated to enhance physical health through decreasing inflammation, increasing immune function, and encouraging the body’s natural recovery procedure.

In NWRI we conduct workshops, courses, tours, and retreats that show individuals the way to re-engage with character in a profound and ongoing way, teaching skills, practices, exercises, and techniques that will assist you to get the maximum benefit for your body and mind from your touch with the natural world.

Through working together with us you may learn how to utilize the natural world as a source to assist you in anxiety management and enhancing the general quality of your daily life. This may be accomplished by learning ways to get in touch with nature on a daily basis that offers mental and physical nutrition.

By knowingly engaging with the character we naturally develop psychological connections with a lifestyle that inspire us to look after our regional environments and produce a kinship with all living things. During our interactions with character, we cultivate kindness, kindness, care, and compassion for the world around us that naturally fosters our own joy also.

Research proves that mindfulness can help increase focus and focus, enhance creativity, develop endurance, raise positive emotion, enhance physical health, and lessen stress.

Our Partnership with WWF
Nat Hab is your official conservation journey companion of the World Wildlife Fund, the world’s major environmental conservation organization. WWF chose Natural Habitat because of its traveling partner due to Nat Hab’s long-time dedication to conservation and the top caliber of its experiences. Natural Habitat Adventures has supplied over $4 million to World Wildlife Fund and will continue to provide 1% of gross earnings plus $125,000 yearly through 2023 in service of WWF’s mission to preserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.