Nikola Tesla And The Conspiracy Against Water-Powered Cars

When water-powered vehicle inventor Stanley Meyer sat down to dinner, he never anticipated that the undesirable shock of departure. But like the IRS tax guy, death does not care about your daily life aims. The Big Lebowski and Wild Matters were playing in the multiplex. Will Smith’s monitor Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It had been the #1 song in the United States.

Making it quite possible that Will Smith’s radio-friendly voice has been in the atmosphere, possibly leaking from their open car windows of a departure sedan, when water-powered vehicle inventorMeyer was living with his two Belgian shareholders along with his brother. Only after loving a swallow of cranberry juice, then he had been captured from the grip of dread. Stanley Meyer’s life has been reduced to expiring words.

The authorities from Grove City opened an investigation. To them, obviously, Stanley Meyer has been murdered. It ought to be pointed out: there is not any known toxin that may be employed to cause a cerebral aneurysm.

However, if a person has a growing aneurysm, a blood-thinning agent such as Warafin (AKA rat poison) may lead to a preexisting aneurysm to bleed and become deadly. Of course, these kinds of speculations of assassinations and degradation of world-changing technology by powerful elite characters are constructed on the northeast Islands of What if… and the same question is a continuous issue for water-powered cars and their contentious inventors.

For the water-powered cars, we will concentrate on deriving their locomotion from splitting water molecules to oxygen and hydrogen gases — the hydrogen gas is burnt. Research published in scientific journals has proven an H2/gasoline combination increases fuel efficiency within a traditional internal combustion engine.

The surprising part is that you may also burn off more hydrogen gas like H2 from the cylinders of your auto, directly. It’s possible to burst hydrogen exactly like gas. It is a molecule of 2 bonded ionized molecules of hydrogen. Hydrogen gas divide out of a water molecule could be processed using pulsed energy, which ionizes it.

An individual may continue to process/ionize the hydrogen gas until you produce an improved variant called deuterium. Should you keep going, you can make tritium, which is a radioactive gas. You see why water-powered automobile giants are ruled questionable by the feds. In the modern fearful climate, you do not wish to be making radioactive gases in your own garage. You might be amazed, or doubtful, to find out you can pump hydrogen gas in your Ford engine and it will work the same as ordinary unleaded gas.

A flashlight fueled by ortho-hydroxy gas includes a fire that burns hot enough to cut through a steel plate such as a lightsaber, but if that same flame cools connected, unburned hydrogen recombines with oxygen from the air and turns to water vapor. Fire is not supposed to become water. This might be a water-powered automobile’s largest selling point: it is a super clean technician.

The biggest disadvantage for water-powered cars is just as easy: “There is no such thing as free energy”Ou requires an electric current to split water into oxygen and hydrogen gases. Should you use a battery, then any environmentalist value their vegan bacon will inform you: battery technology isn’t clean.

This is the largest issue for electrical cars being hailed as environmental saviors. Should you utilize renewable sources like solar and wind to power the batteries used to divide the water, that is about as fresh as it gets. But think about it that’s not much different from electrical cars. So, then why is it that we want water-powered cars? Plus, is not it wise to turn water into oil? The situation for a water-powered automobile is all about power, both electric and socio-political. Devotees of Nikola Tesla believe our math books will need to be rewritten. This was Tesla’s notion of the ether of energy.

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Tesla described power as a characteristic of a pervading area of energy–all part of a vibrating world, that proved as a coordinated dancing of frequencies. On Tesla, the world and everything in it can be known as vibrations. From the post-Einstein planet, Tesla’s alternative concept of energy is currently considered scientific heresy.

Just true believers still maintain their religion in Tesla’s perspective of the world. But, following his approaches, these garage tinkerers and color tree physicists appear to work electric wonders. And they assert that this is the actual reason the authorities will not let them construct water-powered cars.

Once composed a story about individuals who drive slow in the fast lane; while still exploring it contacted the California Highway Patrol to find clarification about the law. Two officers sat together and answered all of my queries. Curious about why water-powered cars aren’t permitted on California’s streets, I sent an email to my contact in the CHP. Considering that the CHP will not speak, I assessed the law books.

Therefore you can not just build a vehicle in your garden and take it for a spin. There are particular regulations that the automobile must fulfill. For example, it has to have working headlights and taillights. It is possible to read all of them here. However, there are no particular regulations about what type of engine your vehicle needs to get under the hood — just how much the motor can pollute. That is the reason why water-powered automobile giants cry foul. It is technically not contrary to the law.

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