Predictive Factors for a Successful Disability Claim

Administration (SSA). Insufficient proof and documentation are the two most common reasons for denying claims. If you can present a convincing argument, the chances of having the disability benefits approved will increase dramatically.

It is possible to wonder if the Social Security Administration will approve your disability benefits even if you already have filed one. The process of reviewing claims takes several months, but the chances of being approved are higher if you are familiar with the requirements for eligibility and submit all required documentation.

Succeeding in Your SSD Claim

If applications are denied, the reason is usually due to the applicants’ errors. Incomplete or false documentation or not having evidence of a medical condition that is disabling is a common occurrence. Understanding the ins and outs of submitting a claim is crucial to receive the benefits you’re entitled to. These are the most common signs that you should ask the Social Security Administration should grant you disability benefits.

1. Sufficient Proof of a Medical Condition

You have to prove that you’ve suffered an injury or ailment that prevents you from returning to work. This means you must be able to prove your medical condition as well as the symptoms you’re suffering from. The list of diagnoses eligible for disability benefits is available at the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration may deny your claim if your condition or injury does not meet these requirements.

Your claim should contain diagnostic reports, prescription drug receipts, medical records that show fibromyalgia and disability, imaging test results, and doctor’s statements detailing your symptoms, injuries, and necessary treatment. If you want your request to have a better probability of being granted, you should do the following. The diagnosis’s results must also be recorded.

2. Evidence of a Physical or Mental Impairment

It is essential to prove that your medical condition impacts your work. It isn’t possible to receive the disability benefits you require when you don’t prove that you cannot perform your job. To qualify for SSD benefits, you should prove that your disability has lasted for at least one year. The injury or illness you suffered will hinder you from returning to work or moving.

A doctor’s note describing the extent of your impairment and how it impacts your ability to perform everyday tasks is crucial. It is also possible to refer to your job description to explain to the SSA why your limitations make it challenging to carry out even the most basic of your tasks.

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3. You Have Substantial Work History

Only those with a qualifying work history can be eligible for benefits for injury or illness. Not working or paying Social Security taxes will disqualify the person from receiving disability benefits. The longer you work, the more money is contributed to taxes.

Credits towards your retirement plan are earned while you work. The SSA utilizes these credits to determine your eligibility. Your income for the year will determine the amount of your benefit payment. Your Social Security Administration will evaluate your employment record and the date you were diagnosed with a disability.

4. You Cannot Maintain an Employment

Many people suffer injuries that hinder them from going to work. They may seek out a new job or shift to a different department. If the illness doesn’t hinder the person from working, they won’t be eligible for disability compensation.

Disability benefits through Social Security may be available to you if you are permanently disabled and are unable to work. This means you must gain the necessary skills to perform the essential aspects of any job. You can claim asthma as the reason for your inability to continue work.

5. Work With a Reputable Lawyer

Engaging a lawyer to assist you in completing the process of filing a Social Security disability claim is sensible due to how complex the process of applying for disability can be. A lawyer familiar with Social Security disability law and procedures can accelerate the application process.

They can assist you in filling out the application and sending this to Social Security Administration. They will also collate all the information they gather to prove that you cannot perform your job due to your medical condition.