New Studies Suggest Marijuana Can Suppress Appetite: Is It Effective for Weight Loss?

Recently, studies about cannabis have changed people’s perception about marijuana users being fat who live for junk food on their couches. You can now see a lot of them far from obese, lazy, and unhealthy. In fact, many athletes swear it helps them recover from rough workouts, reduce their pain, and improve their sleep.

It’s not a secret anymore that cannabis has many health benefits, including reducing anxiety and stress. However, there’s an increasing number of users who say that it causes them to lose weight. How could this be possible when weed has been known to stimulate appetite after consuming it?

CBD: Marijuana’s Compound with Possible Weight Loss Effects

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the more than one hundred cannabinoids found in marijuana. Next to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s the second most abundant cannabinoid, making up 40% of the plant extract. Compared to THC, CBD doesn’t make you high or doesn’t have psychoactive effects. 

Instead, it affects you in different ways, such as reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Also, it helps treat depression symptoms. With these benefits, it’s no surprise to find a wide range of CBD products in the market, such as these weed flower Tulsa area products.

How CBD Helps You Lose Weight

1. It Can Boost Metabolism and Lessen Food Intake

Preliminary research shows how CBD affects metabolism that could help promote weight loss. A Korean study found that CBD assists in metabolizing compounds absorbed from food during digestion by prompting CB1 and CB2.

In a two-week rat study, experts injected CBD into rats daily at 1.1 and 2.3 mg/pound of body weight. Both doses led to body weight reductions, with the higher dose having the most noticeable effects. Additionally, another study showed evidence of a significant decrease in food intake caused by CBD compared to other cannabinoids.

2. Cannabis Has a Relationship with Lower Body Weight

Though cannabis is often associated with increased food intake, those who use it tend to weigh less than those who don’t. For instance, a survey of over 50,000 people found an obese rate of 14-17% among those who use cannabis at least three days each week. On the other hand, a higher obesity rate at 22-25% was observed in those who didn’t consume marijuana in the past 12 months. 

With these results, researchers believe that cannabinoids as a whole, including CBD, influence metabolism, appetite, and other weight-related body functions. Fortunately, you can now discreetly consume CBD through CBD edibles, including gummies, snacks, lollipops, etc. Make sure to review your state’s laws about cannabis consumption and buy only from licensed and reliable stores, like this weed concentrate Edmond supplier.

3. CBD May Promote “Browning” of Fat Cells

There are two types of body fat called white and brown. White fat or adipose tissues store energy in fat droplets that accumulate in the body. Too much white fat around the midsection increases the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases.

Whereas brown fat initiates heat by burning calories. Individuals with a healthy weight are most likely to have more brown fat than overweight people. The good news is, you can convert your white fat to brown fat by getting adequate sleep and more exposure to cold temperatures. 

Interestingly, a test-tube study found that CBD could turn white fat cells into brown fat. It also improved the expression of specific genes and proteins, which promote brown fat. 

4. It May Cause People to Drink Less

Some experts believe that young people who use cannabis may drink less alcohol than those who don’t. It means that they’re not taking in calories from alcoholic drinks, which can contribute to lower BMIs.


Though preliminary research found evidence that marijuana influences weight loss, it’s not as easy as using it will make you lose half of your body weight in a month or two. In addition, experts need further research to show a direct correlation between the two. Besides, excessive cannabis has risks, especially if you smoke it.

However, note that being a responsible marijuana user provides you with several health benefits. On top of these, it’s important to get your supplies from reputable sellers, like Mango Cannabis. Enjoy a great cannabis experience at Mango Cannabis, with many products to choose from and excellent customer service.