Purchasing An Air Conditioner? Possible Problems You May Encounter

The heat coming from the sun nowadays is solid and fiery; this is why people decide to purchase an air conditioner. The cool breeze it provides can help minimize the burning and damaging consequences to the surrounding environment and people’s overall health. Frequent usage of this unit is apparent in every home. Hence, it is prone to tons of issues anybody could encounter in the future. Prevalent problems that can be included with this specific home appliance are listed here.

Frequent Air Conditioner Issues

1. Collapsed Capacitor

An aircon capacitor is an electronic tool positioned inside the unit that temporarily saves the electrostatic charge. It is used to maintain the voltage and start off the unit’s electric motors. This particular component is prone to damage, especially during the summer season. Because of the extreme heat caused by this period, the system is utilized more frequently than usual to provide cold air. Thus, the capacitor can overheat. Fluctuations in power and abrupt changes in thermostat levels can damage the system capacitor which may need an extensive HVAC repair Raleigh NC.

2. Damaged Compressor

A compressor is considered the center of the entire unit. It pumps the chemical substance responsible for soaking up the heat and cooling the air and the system, from the evaporator to the condenser coils. It guarantees that the refrigerant effectively performs its heat exchange and pressure regulation. Unclean coils, an abrupt shift in refrigerant levels, and a lack of lubrication with the system can cause the compressor to heat up, stop working, and eventually fail over time.

3. Dirty Air Filter

The air conditioner filter plays a significant role in keeping the airflow passing along the whole unit neat and free from dust and other contaminants. An obstructed air filter can block or restrict the smooth circulation of air, reducing the system’s efficiency. The aircon’s cooling ability can also be minimized. For this reason, it would not function properly and reveal its total capacity and potentiality. When this happens, consider inspecting the filter if it is unclean to wash it immediately. If the severity of the case can’t be resolved with certain home remedies, feel free to visit various HVAC websites and go directly to their air purifier page for more information.

4. Iced Evaporator Coil

One problem that individuals with air conditioners commonly experience is that the cooling feature of the system is not working correctly. This can be caused by an iced or frozen evaporator coil. It serves to take in the heat inside the house; however, possibilities of debris buildup can suddenly happen. Thus, blocking the airflow and warm air would not reach the refrigerant. In this condition, the moisture around the coil freezes, enclosing it with ice, preventing the cooling agent from consuming latent heat, and gradually disrupting the entire system.

5. Water Leaks

Water leaks originating from both the indoor and outdoor air conditioners are an evident sign of system malfunction; this can be due to numerous factors. First, the condensation drain pipe is blocked with particulates, consisting of algae and fungi buildup, triggering water to move back inside the tube. Second, the condensate pan and pump are damaged or completely destroyed, which might require to be replaced. Third, the pool of water beneath the exterior compressor can be because of a dry air filter, loosened seal, and improper equipment installation. When these problems suddenly escalated, visit All American Heating & Air to schedule for a unit maintenance and repair service.