Remedies to the Commonly Experienced Aluminum Fence Problems

Aluminum fencing is becoming more widely used in commercial and residential fence construction. It’s a great option for garden trellises and front gates because it’s light and stylish. It’s like wrought iron in appearance but is far less costly and harder to maintain.

Fences made of aluminum and steel are known for their long lifespans. If adequately cared for, metal fences can last at least 30 years in normal conditions. It’s possible that severe weather conditions, frequent usage, or shifting ground may cause irreparable harm. If you want to keep your aluminum fence operating as it should, you’ll want to know about the potential issues.

Troubleshooting your Fence

It’s essential to keep in mind that aluminum fences can have unique challenges, just like any other construction structure. To avoid problems and prolong the life of your fence, it is important to observe it regularly. This article provides a checklist to highlight some of the most typical aluminum fence problems you need to know.

1. Loose or Missing Rail

T-braces screwed into the rail might help support an unsupported rail in certain situations. Another option is the removal of the existing fence and the construction of a completely new one. Since the new rail could get painted in a manner similar to the railing of a painted fence, this is a simpler process to complete. If your fence has faded over time, you might want to make use of the opportunity to repaint over its whole length.

If you are having trouble with your aluminum driveway gates, you can contact a professional to address the issue. You can also have it assessed whether you already need to replace it with a more advanced type of aluminum gate.

2. Not Freely Swinging

To keep moving parts such as hinges in good condition, it is recommended to grease them every day. If this doesn’t provide enough relief, replacing the hinges or locks could be necessary. If any of these things fail, a different option is replacing one more of the posts and the fence nearby, and the gate itself.

If you are considering upgrading your gate into custom entry gates, you can get ideas online and contact a custom gate fablicator or supplier right away. Custom gates can be made to order and according to your preference and design. 

3. Shifted or Uprooted

Make sure you put plenty of concrete in the area around your posts to ensure that they’re solid. Depending on how deeply they were submerged in the concrete foundation, you might have to dig them up and remove them with a sledgehammer. After that, brace the poles to the ground and pour on new cement to keep everything in place.

When your gate is already uprooted, the best way is to have it replaced. You can contact companies like baton rouge security gate installer for a trusted and expert gate provider.

4. Stained

Dirt, mold, and other pollutants will accumulate on the fence due to the daily exposure it receives from the elements. Because aluminum is rustproof, you can clean it with a garden hose and a bit of detergent to maintain it. A soft sponge can also be utilized to get rid of dirt and stains off surfaces.

5. Bent, Twisted or Damaged

Denting is also possible in aluminum, especially if it is hit with a severe blow from a fallen tree limb or a mistaken car. In relation to the severity of the damage, it might be possible to replace the part that has become bent out of shape. On the other hand, a complete piece of the aluminum fence should be left for a professional fix.

6. Corrosion

A durable sealant shields aluminum fences from rust. There is a possibility of getting tiny nicks and scratches within the coating that allow corrosion to get a foothold. It is possible to repair corrosion quickly if this is the problem with your fence. To create a smooth surface, you need to sand the area to eliminate any flaky or loose paint. The anti-rust spray you purchase at car parts shops could serve as a filler for scratches or dings. Then, you need to paint the fence section to match the rest of the fence, and it’ll appear new.